Butterfly chandelier is a popular alternative to the common and expensive chandelier you often see in decoration. Even though it is a result of DIY projects, it gets the lovely premium look as well on decent hands. It makes appropriate details on girl’s or nursery room, and it makes fantastic party decoration indoor and outdoor. Check out the following examples of the chandelier.

  1. White Butterflies with Lamp Cap

This is probably one of the most brilliant designs. Absorbing the designer piece for stylish lamp, the lamp cap is created from the same paper for the butterflies. It has the butterfly cut on several spots, making it lovely as ever. The hanging little butterflies below only make it even more dramatic and fancy. No one will guess it is a DIY at first sight.

  1. Purple Hula Hoop Butterfly Chandelier

This one feature simple design with simple making as well of course. The hula hoop gets a supportive web in the middle, in which the butterflies’ strands hang down from there. The butterflies alone are work of art with small cuts details and the perfect shape for it. It seems like randomly placed but it’s not.

  1. Pink and White Butterflies Chandelier

This chandelier looks so chic. It will make a pleasant decor on your baby girl’s room. Featuring soft pink and white butterflies, the chandelier is basically the same as the previous one. This time, pastel pink ribbon is added to give accent on the hoop, making it even lovelier than it is.

  1. Felt Butterflies Chandelier

The butterflies look totally cute as they are made of felt fabric. Choosing multi color felt for them is brilliant while adding the cute balls on the strands only make it even more adorable. The small circular table cloth covering the hoop makes this chandelier even more exclusive. This is a perfect chandelier for any room in the house with children.

  1. Butterfly Ball Chandelier

If you need DIY thing with fancy finish, this is your answer. This chandelier looks grand not only because of the size but also the design. As it gets deeper in the circle, the strands get longer. The simple structure and butterfly shape is a great match for modern and minimalist style. It will make a vibrant décor on your party.

Butterflies can’t go wrong when it comes to decoration. It is great for the kids room, living room, or your party space. It entirely depends on the design and color selection. Which one do you want to make first?