Mother’s day is coming, isn’t it? Don’t you want to prepare something special and authentic as a good child to your mom? What you need is just some simple recipe to create handmade gift ideas and or DIY project. See below to find the most heartfelt and pretty gift ideas!

  • Vanilla Cupcake Bouquet

Spring is here! Prepare a bouquet of flowers for your beloved mama is never wrong! Now let’s make an edible bouquet of flowers!

Apart from the usual ingredients for making cupcakes, you only need to add some supplies such as 2D tip to pipe frosting flower. Simply choose any frosting that is not too runny. Besides, you also need to prepare some flower pots at which you “plant” your pretty flowers. The pots will surely turn into cute centerpiece for your gift. This kind of gift will be perfect for mother’s day as well as for teacher’s day. Go give it a try!

  • Pop Up Flower Cards

You must have been thinking about greeting cards to write beautiful words for your mom, right? Go try this pop up cards. All you need are just simple: card stock in A6 size (or simply fold an A5-size paper in half), green paper (choose the light one for avoiding wrinkling and for stability), assorted scraps of colored paper, glue stick, scissors, and black pen). Make a number of flowers from the colored paper but make sure the size of them fit in the size of A6. After that, glue the flowers and write some beautiful words.

  • Gift Basket

Gift basket is always a nice and fun gift to receive. Here is an example how to make a gift basket full of kitchen accessories. First, get any batter bowl and then line it with one or two cute and pretty kitchen towels. After that, fill the bowl with fun kitchen items such as spatulas, sandwich crust cutter, spoons, cheese graters, paper straws, and cookie dough scoop, until the batter bowl full. Make sure the items have different color and patterns. Arrange the items in such a way it will look pretty.

After seeing those DIY gift ideas above, making a handmade gift is no longer hard and complicated. You can always make most of the items around you and turn them into something unique and beautiful. Just one thing for sure, you need to choose different colors, patterns, textures, and form of arrangement to vary your craft.